"I urge a No vote on Measure A, which purportedly would facilitate diverse representation on the Santa Clara City Council. The practical effect of Measure A applying ranked-choice voting to two multimember districts that behave like at-large districts would be to limit representation from Santa Clara's diverse communities. Our democracy is only as strong as the ability of each of us to fully participate in it. Measure A fails to strengthen our democracy." 

–California State Controller Betty Yee


"I now oppose Measure A. Santa Clara, in order to be fair to all candidates, must proceed to single-member neighborhood district elections, with 6 districts of equivalent size and voting populations. I still believe that ranked choice voting is the way of the future and should be adopted county-wide. It’s time to defeat Measure A and come up with a better solution."

–Santa Clara Councilmember and Former Mayor patricia mahan


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"Santa Clara has a strong track record of being at the forefront of progress. But, Measure A will not fix this issue, and the courts again have affirmed that. Vote No and let's come back and get it right in November.

– California State Senator Jim Beall

"Working with our students for nearly two decades at the County Board of Education I have seen our community grow stronger as we grow more diverse. Measure A will not help empower our governance to grow, but rather it will divided our beautiful city in two and create greater divides in the community. Please join me in voting No on Measure A."

– Santa Clara County Board of Education Trustee Anna Song


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"I am urgently calling to request that you vote No on Measure A. This is a botched attempt at implementing a new, untested voting scheme in Santa Clara that is so confusing that the San Jose Mercury  News has said that this idea 'is a joke' and a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge has called it 'suspect.'

Please join me, Senator Jim Beall, and Assemblymember Ash Kalra and Vote No on Measure A."

–President of the Santa clara unified school district Noelani pearl hunt


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