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Our Mission: Equality

Measure A is wrong for Santa Clara.

Let's get it right.

Thank you for voting. We are hopeful the current results will be certified and City Council will come back with a just and fair solution for Santa Clara and our future.

-Team No on A

Mercury News Editorial Endorses No on Measure A

Councilmember Mahan urges defeating Measure A


Why Vote No on "A"?

Measure A is the City Council's attempt to get out of a lawsuit against the City's current at-large election system--but Measure A does not fix the City's problems.  Splitting the City into two at-large elections won't get the City out of the lawsuit, and it won't make the City Council more responsive and inclusive to all of Santa Clara's voters. 

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May, 19 2018

The Mercury News Editorial Board says Measure A contains "obvious flaws" The plan is "an exercise in futility and an irresponsible use of taxpayer dollars"

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Measure A could end up costing us millions more in lawsuits and fines. A neighborhood plan would reduce elections costs, empower grassroots campaigns, and result in more transparents government that reflects the City’s diversity.


Measure A will disproportionately disenfranchise API voters, Latino voters, and seniors. It will open the door for mistakes that can spoil or limit ballots, especially when Santa Clara is reluctant to devote necessary resources to voter education.


Voting should be straightforward for all Santa Clara voters.  But Measure A's complicated and unpredictable formula used for "ranked-choice voting with single-transferrable vote" makes it difficult for voters to make informed, strategic decisions. 


There are no published studies on the effect of ranked-choice voting by single transferrable vote on California elections, because there are no such elections to study. The City understands that it can't adequately educate voters in time for the June election.


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We are outmatched in funds and manpower by outside money from "FairVote", a special interest group from Maryland, and "Action Now Initiative", a special interest group from Texas, and could use your help to ensure that Santa Clara elections are representative of all voters. Reject out-of-state money. Santa Clara is our home.


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